Can I get a price over the phone for sizing or repair?

We do not give prices over the phone there are too many variables. Like what type of gold, how many stones,  what size you’re wanting to go from and to or if there’s already been repairs done to the piece. So you are more than welcome to bring it in and let us look at it for free and give you an estimate then.

Is there a cost to get my ring looked at and cleaned?

Never. Estimates and cleanings are always free at The Jewelers Loupe.

How long will it take for my ring to be sized?

Our turnaround time is 4 to 7 days for ring sizing.  If there are any other repairs that need to be done the time needed for repairs and sizing will be discussed at the time of the estimate. 

How often should I have my jewelry cleaned, and checked/looked at?

We suggest that you bring in your jewelry every six months to have it looked over and cleaned.  We’ll make sure your stones are set properly and your prongs are tight in order to keep your jewelry in excellent condition.  

Can I take a family heirloom piece of jewelry or older jewelry and use the metal and stones to make something new?

Yes!  That would fall in our customs design category and we would gladly help you with it. 

Do you send jewelry out to be worked on?

No! All jewelry work is locally done by our Master Bench Jeweler Cam Adair – owner of The Jewelers Loupe.